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This game tries to answer the age old question:
Who will win a sport event, a rich rabbit or a posh turtle? Sir Flufferworth or Sir Turtleton?

Engage in a noble battle of gentle-animals, as they compete in evolving volleyball as judge Marwyn shouts new, random modifiers to level up the game experience and make things even more interesting as time goes on!

Have the most points when time runs out in order to win the grand prize of more money which all rich animals need - CHEERIO, OL' CHAP!

(In the start menu, choose "Two Devices" is for controllers or "One Device" keyboard controls)

Controllers (Xbox, but game works with other devices):
- Join game (bunny first):  "A" or "X" (or equivalents)
- Move: Left analogue stick
- Jump: "A" (or equivalent)
- Swing cane (attack): "X"  (or equivalent)
- Restart game (from the "Winner"-screen): "Start"  (or equivalent)
- Exit game: "Back" (or equivalent)

Keyboard (game is a little unstable with keyboard controls):
Player 1 (bunny):
- Join game:  "F"
- Move: "A" & "D"
- Jump: "W"
- Swing cane (attack): "F" 

Player 2 (turtle):
- Join game:  "." (period)
- Move: "Left"- & "Right" arrow keys
- Jump: "Up" arrow key
- Swing cane (attack): "." (period)

"Esc" to exit game (can't restart this "version", sadly)

Create Jam
Capitalistic and Haughty Extraordinaires Engaging in Riveting and Intriguing Occupation (C.H.E.E.R.I.O.) is made for Create Jam 2019, Fall Edition!

Game jam theme: Level up (a game mechanic)

Made by Team CHEERIO!:
- Alexander A. Pedersen, pixel art
- Marc F. Hansen, programming
- Thomas H. Beck, stuff...

Updated 18 days ago
Published 20 days ago
Tags2D, Animals, Cute, evolve, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, posh, Unity, volleyball


CHERRIO_V1.02.rar 17 MB


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C.H.E.E.R.I.O. actually ended up winning Create Jam 2019 Fall Edition! I'm super proud of what we made, so I made a video for my YouTube channel showcasing it :D